Private Tours of Washington DC

Private Tours of Washington DC

Looking for the Best Private Tours of Washington DC?

We have several options for private tours of Washington DC. All tours are entirely personalized to you.


Private Guided Sightseeing Tours


DC Monuments and Memorials Tour

Twilight Tour of the Monuments

Smithsonian Museums and Pennsylvania Avenue Tour

Cherry Blossom Tour (seasonal)

Embassy Row and Georgetown Tour

Washington DC Tours for Disabled and Handicapped Visitors

Dog Friendly Tours of Washington DC

Kid Friendly Tours of Washington DC

Tours de Washington DC en Español


We offer you:

  • Free pickup from any downtown location including hotels, restaurants, parking garages, museums, Metro, etc.
  • Start on your own schedule. Go at your own pace.
  • Small kids ride for free
  • Friendly, knowledgeable tour guide
  • Fantastic photo opportunities at every turn
  • Shady canopy to block the sun or rain
  • Stops at every memorial for you to get off and explore
  • Easy access for disabled or elderly guests
  • Strollers and folding wheelchairs welcome
  • Great fun for kids and adults
  • Flexibility with pickup times and locations
  • Recommendations for attractions, restaurants and more
  • You always have a 360 degree view
  • All tours are entirely customized to you
  • See all the monuments in 2-4 hours


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Private Tours of Washington DC

What can you see on a 2-3 hour pedicab tour of Washington DC?

You can expect to see at a minimum all of the following major memorials:What Major Attractions Will You Visit on a Tour of the DC Memorials?


✅  Lincoln Memorial

✅  Washington Monument

✅  White House

✅  Jefferson Memorial

✅  MLK Memorial

✅  FDR Memorial

✅ Vietnam War Memorial

✅  Korean War Memorial

✅  WWII Memorial

✅  Einstein Memorial

✅ & Much, Much More


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Private Tours of Washington DC


Nonpartisan Pedicab Tours of Washington DC versus Bus Tours


  • Custom, Personal Tour — Enjoy the sights at your own pace!
  • Friendly tour guide converses with you
  • Waits for you right out front of all monuments
  • Always goes exactly where you want it to go
  • Picks up and drops you off at any downtown location
  • Tour guide recommends restaurants & attractions tailored to you
  • Easily accessible to elderly and handicapped people
  • Stroller and folding wheelchair friendly
  • See all the monuments in 1.5 – 2.5 hours
  • Minimal walking
  • Full 360 degree view for all passengers


Private Tours of Washington DC



  • Guide uses loudspeaker. No personal interaction with customers.
  • Canned speech endlessly repeated to a crowd of people
  • You must search for bus stands and wait for bus
  • You must follow the fixed route and schedule
  • Set route — you must get to and from the bus
  • No recommendations, nothing personal about it.
  • Steep stairs to climb to go up to the open top
  • No storage for wheelchairs or strollers. You’re out of luck.
  • Spend all day long to see the same amount
  • Lots of walking to find the bus stands
  • View only from the side of bus you are sitting on

Best tours of Washington DC





Here is the National Park Service website for more information about the National Mall?