Washington DC Tours for Seniors

Washington DC Tours for Seniors

Let’s face it. A visit to Washington DC usually requires a LOT of walking.  If you wanted to visit all the monuments on foot, you are looking at least 5-6 miles of walking. If you’re not so young anymore, this might present a serious problem. But, the solution is easy. Private Washington DC tours for seniors are available with Nonpartisan Pedicab and  will allow you to visit all the memorials in around 3 hours in comfort and with limited walking.


Washington DC Tours for Seniors

Washington DC Private Tour during Cherry Blossoms


Why take a private tour?


A tour by pedicab is entirely personalized to you.

Buses are crowded.  And, the hop-on, hop-off bus has lots of steps. Why waste your time and money on a ‘cookie-cutter’ crowded group tour when you can have a memorable and affordable tailor-made experience?


✅  Go at your own pace and leave on your own schedule
✅  Free pick up from any downtown location
✅  Get dropped off at any DC location at the conclusion of your tour
✅  See what you want to see — all tours are customized to you


On your pedicab tour, we start by picking you up from the downtown location of your choice — hotels, restaurants, parking garages, Metro stations, etc.  We then proceed to take you to each of the major memorials in turn.  As we go, you will get a full historical narrative of everything you are seeing.  What does each memorial represent?  How does that fit in with American history? What symbolism is used in the architecture of each memorial?

At each memorial, we give you the opportunity to get out and go inside.  We go from memorial to memorial with stops at each.  At the end of your tour, we can drop you off wherever you like in the downtown area.  



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Why Should Seniors Choose a Private Tour over a Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Tour?

  • Getting in and out of the pedicab is easy for seniors or anyone with limited mobility.  We can get the pedicab right up to the curb. And, you can use a handrail and a step platform to get in and out.


  • On the pedicab, we can get closer to all the memorials than you can by a hop-on, hop-off bus.  On the pedicab, we can get closer and wait for you right there. The bus stops further away and makes you walk between some of the memorials.  


  • When you take a pedicab tour, there is no waiting for the next bus to arrive.  After you visit any memorial, we will be right there waiting for you.  On the bus tour, you may have to wait up to a half hour between buses.  This means that on a pedicab tour, you can see all the memorials in 2-4 hours, taking your time at each memorial.  This would certainly take you all day on the bus tour since you have to spend time finding and walking to the bus stops and then wait for the next bus. 


  • Getting in and out of the pedicab is very easy compared to the access to the hop-on, hop-off bus.  There are no stairs to climb to get in and out of the pedicab, and we can get right up to the curb to make for easy access.


  • On the pedicab, every seat is a window seat!  Furthermore, we can stop at any location that takes your fancy for a picture.  In fact, we know all sorts of special photo locations for great pictures.  You would just ride by those locations without stopping on the bus.


  • The top of the bus can be very hot in the sun.  Our pedicabs have a shady canopy to keep the sun off of your face.


  • If you have a walker, a folding wheelchair, an oxygen tank or a daypack, we can easily take them on board the pedicab.  Feel free to leave your bags behind as you go and explore each monument.


  • You have a one-on-one tour experience. We can tailor your tour to all your interests.  We start the tour on your schedule and go at your own pace. You can ask questions and interact directly with your tour guide and get insights into Washington DC from a local. We have great restaurant and museum recommendations. 


  • A one-on-one guide is much easier to hear than the loudspeaker on the hop-on, hop-off bus. Feel free to ask us to repeat anything you don’t hear properly.  


Pedicab Tour of the Monuments of Washington DC


What Memorials Will I See on My Private Tour?


  Lincoln Memorial Jefferson Memorial
Washington Monument Franklin Roosevelt Memorial
WWII Memorial Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
Vietnam War Memorial Korean War Memorial
White House  Albert Einstein Memorial
US Capitol And Much More!

Where are the Pickup and Dropoff Points for our Private Tours?

Most sightseeing tour companies require you to meet them at their location.  With Nonpartisan Pedicab, we will pick you up right from your downtown hotel or restaurant.  Or, if you are driving in just for the tour, we can meet you at a parking garage.  If you are already in town, we can meet you at a museum, a Metro station or anywhere else.  Not only that, but if your pickup location changes after you have made your reservation, just let us know.  You can change your pickup location even at the last minute.  No problems.  No worries.  No hassle.



How Do I Reserve My Private Tour with Nonpartisan Pedicab?

It’s easy to reserve just by calling Nonpartisan Pedicab at:

(703) 231-9882

Or, just access our Reservation Page here:

Nonpartisan Pedicab Reservations

You can email us at:





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