The Best Way to Visit the Monuments, Memorials and Museums

Private Tours of Washington DC

Personalized Tours of the National Mall

Visit All the Memorials in Only 2-3 Hours

Go at Your Own Pace

Tours include Free Pick-up from Any Downtown Location – Small Kids Ride for Free

We Accommodate Special Needs such as
Strollers and Folding-Wheelchairs, etc.

Great Fun!
Friendly and Knowledgeable Tour Guides!

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Washington DC Pedicab Tours

Personalized & Affordable Private Tours

Visit Monuments, Memorials and Museums.

Rates are hourly, starting as low as $35/hour per person.
Set your own schedule.
Free Pick Up

Flexible Private Tour. Go quickly or take your time, it is up to you.

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Tour of the National Mall
Washington DC Pedicab Tours

Family Friendly

Safe, convenient and affordable transportation to the best destinations.  Stress-free sightseeing – set your own schedule.

 Small Kids Ride Free !

Special Events

Special Events

Pedicabs have long been fashionable transportation for weddings and other special events.  Add a sense of fun to any occasion.  Large groups can be accommodated.

Washington DC Tours

Beat the Crowds

Better Than a Crowded Bus

 Better Than a Gimmicky Segway

Personalized Tours Cater to Your Needs

Special Events

We're Ready When You Are

Tours Include FREE Pick-up from any downtown location.

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Washington DC Tours

Special Needs

Pedicabs are perfect for the elderly and people with mobility issues.  Easy curbside entry without steps, and we can get in close to venues that buses can’t. We easily accommodate strollers and folding wheelchairs. Hablo Español.  Bienvenidos a Washington!



Take A Pedicab Tour

Why Choose Nonpartisan Pedicab Tours?

Because it is a better way to experience visiting the National Mall, Monuments, Memorials and Museums !

Get the most out of your time and money, hire a Pedicab

  • Personalized Tour With A Friendly, Knowledgeable Guide!
  • Start And Finish On Your Own Schedule!
  • Free Pick Up At Any Downtown Location!
  • Economical Use Of Your Time And Energy!

  • Get Dropped Off At The Location Of Your Choice!
  • Small Children Ride Free!
  • So Much Better Than Bus Or Segway Tours!
  • Fully Licensed and Insured ($1,000,000)

What is a pedicab? The Best Way to do Washington DC Sightseeing, of course!

Pedicabs are human powered transportation that allows you to quietly and conveniently get up close to your destination.

They can also have the added benefit of providing a professional tour guide that delivers a personal interactive experience that is just not available with other tours.

Up to 3 regular sized adults can be accommodated, as well as, folding wheelchairs or baby-strollers.  They are ideal for the elderly or people with mobility issues.

Group tours can also be easily arranged.

Many people come to DC expecting to walk all over — Smithsonian museums, Capitol, White House, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, etc.

On the map, everything looks close. At some point, they realize that everything is actually spread out over a large area. People become exhausted and it takes a lot of time to walk around. When that happens many worthwhile sites get missed and people think about their aching feet rather than the national heritage.

Hiring a pedicab is a very practical solution. Quick, convenient, comfortable and affordable.

Washington DC Walking Tours


Best Washington DC Tours

or This?

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You don’t need to wear a helmet on our tour… or sign a liability and insurance waiver…

A Segway Tour sounds like fun and adventure. But a trip to the emergency room can certainly ruin your vacation and using a Segway is definitely not as easy as it looks. It can be expensive and at least a half-hour of your tour is spent on safety training instead of seeing the sights. A lot of people abandon their segway tours and end up walking.

Segways are cool transportation devices.  Under the right circumstances you can see why people refer to them as possibly changing the future of transportation.

But they are not all that great for touring the Monuments, Memorials and Museums.

Segway Tours



  • Custom, Personal Tour — Enjoy the sights at your own pace!
  • Friendly tour guide converses with you
  • Waits for you right out front of all monuments
  • Always goes exactly where you want it to go
  • Picks up and drops you off at any downtown location
  • Tour guide recommends restaurants & attractions tailored to you
  • Easily accessible to elderly and handicapped people
  • Stroller and folding wheelchair friendly
  • See all the monuments in 1.5 – 2.5 hours
  • Minimal walking
  • Full 360 degree view for all passengers




  • Guide uses loudspeaker. No personal interaction with customers.
  • Canned speech endlessly repeated to a crowd of people
  • You must search for bus stands and wait for bus
  • You must follow the fixed route and schedule
  • Set route — you must get to and from the bus
  • No recommendations, nothing personal about it.
  • Steep stairs to climb to go up to the open top
  • No storage for wheelchairs or strollers. You’re out of luck.
  • Spend all day long to see the same amount
  • Lots of walking to find the bus stands
  • View only from the side of bus you are sitting on


or This?

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  • 1 adult = $84 per hour
  • 2 adults = $47/per person/per hour = $94/hour
  • 3 adults = $35/per person/per hour = $105/hour
  • One small child can ride free
  • Two small children = one adult

Pedicab tours are billed at an hourly rate starting from your pick-up point and reservation time. The final cost is pro-rated to the amount of time you actually spend on tour with us. Rates are per pedicab and are calculated based on how many passengers will be in each pedicab. The price includes an experienced tour guide/driver as your personal chauffeur.


No deposit is required. You can pay in cash or with a secure credit card transaction at the conclusion of your tour.


National Monuments Tour
  • 2 – 3 Hours
Twilight Tour of the Monuments
  • 2 – 3 Hours
Smithsonian and Pennsylvania Avenue Tour
  • Minimum 1 Hour


  • A 5 to 6 mile loop around the national monuments takes about 1 hour of actual riding time.
  • The amount of time you spend on tour depends on how many stops you choose to make and how much time you take at each stop.
  • Are you unsure how much time you need on your tour?  We extend tours all the time. We simply pro-rate the tour fee for the extra time you need to enjoy the ride.

How Many Pedicabs Do You Need?

  • 1 adult + 1 small child = 1 adult
  • 1 adult + 2 small children = 2 adults
  • 2 adults + 1 small children = 2 adults (child rides free)
  • 2 adults + 2 small children = 3 adults
  • 3 adults + 1 small child = 3 adults
  • 2 adults + 3 small children = 3 adults
  • 3 adults + 3 small children = take 2 pedicabs
  • 4 adults = take 2 pedicabs


Free pick up is provided from downtown hotels, museums, restaurants, Metro stations, and parking lots. If you’re not sure about your exact pickup location, tour duration, or tour pick-up time, that’s okay. We’ll discuss details when we confirm your reservation.

Pedicab Tour Free Pickup Zone

Tour the Lincoln Memorial at Twilight