Washington DC Cherry Blossom Tour

Cherry Blossom Tour


Spring is coming to 2022 and the Tidal Basin in Washington DC becomes a sea of white and pink blossoms. Thousands of people come into Washington DC to see the world famous cherry trees in full bloom, but you’re just in time to reserve a tour of the Tidal Basin and all the memorials. How to see the cherry blossoms in Washington DC? Your first question you might ask yourself is should I walk or should I take a chance on a Washington DC cherry blossom tour?

Can I walk around the Tidal Basin?

Of course.  The Tidal Basin is lovely when the cherry trees are in full bloom. But the problem is that everyone knows this, and everyone has already gobbled up every available parking spot for miles around.  The nearest metro station is quite a distance away, and you will need to walk for several miles threading your way through crowds of people in order to enjoy the cherry trees in all their glory.

Should I take a Washington DC Cherry Blossom Tour around the Tidal Basin?

Well, this option obviously costs some money, but it makes all the logistics just ever so easy.  There are a lot of tours to choose from, but a Cherry Blossom Tour with Nonpartisan Pedicab is surely the easiest way to get around the Tidal Basin and see the memorials without worrying about the crowds and the walking.  This is a private tour personalized to you and your family, so you will be able to start on your own schedule and go at your own pace.

What will I see on a Cherry Blossom Tour?

We will stop at all the memorials, and at each one you will have an opportunity to get off and go inside for photos.  The major memorials around the Tidal Basin are the Jefferson Memorial, the FDR Memorial, the MLK Memorial, and the George Mason Memorial.  We will also stop at the Washington Monument, the WWII Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial.  In addition, you will have an opportunity to get out and visit the Vietnam and the Korean War Memorials. To top it off, we will get a spectacular view of the White House, and if you want we can continue down to the US Capitol as well.


MLK Memorial Cherry Blossoms


How do I get picked up for your Washington DC Cherry Blossom Tour?

This is just so easy.  We can meet you anywhere downtown to start your tour.  We can meet you at a downtown hotel, parking garage, museum, Metro station, or anywhere else.  And, if you are unsure of the pickup location, we are extremely flexible.  You can book your tour without a definite pick-up location, or we can change the pick-up location with no problem.

Where will you drop us off at the end of the tour?

We can drop you off at any downtown location to end your tour.  You don’t need to determine this in advance if you don’t want.  We are flexible to your needs.


Cherry Blossom Festival 2020


Is your Cherry Blossom Tour recommended for Seniors or people with Disabilities?

Absolutely, we can get you right up close to the monuments.  You will have a minimum of walking.  Or, if you prefer to stay inside the pedicab, we will find the best possible views of the Cherry Blossoms and the monuments to enjoy.  Read our pages on Washington DC Tours for Seniors or our Washington DC Tours for Disabled and Handicapped Visitors.

Is your Cherry Blossom Tour recommended for Families with small children?

Pedicabs are fun.  Our tour guides are fun. Monuments are fun.  Yes, we are very kid friendly.  More information at Kid Friendly Tours of Washington DC.  And, one small child can always ride for free!

I’m visiting DC with my pet.  Are your tours dog-friendly?

Absolutely.  As a dog lover myself, I am always pleased when people take their dogs along. Check out our page on Dog Friendly Tours of Washington DC.


Cherry blossoms at the Washington Monument


There are a lot of tours out there.  Why is your Cherry Blossom Tour the best in Washington DC?

Nonpartisan Pedicab has over 500 five-star reviews.  Every tour caters to our guests.  We start the tour on your schedule and we go at your own pace. We pick you up where it is most convenient for you, and drop you off again at a place of your convenience. You will always have a fantastic 360° view during your entire tour. And, we combine a detailed historical narrative with the special photo opportunties and insider tips to getting the most out of your visit to DC.

How can we reserve a Cherry Blossom Tour with Nonpartisan Pedicab?

Easy.  Just call us at (703) 231-9882.  We will set on a date, a pick-up time and a pick-up location, and you will be all set. No deposit required. If you need to change the day or pick-up time, we try to be extremely flexible. Or, you can use our handy reservation page. It’s as easy as can be.


Cherry Blossom Tour


When will the Cherry Blossoms be in full bloom in Washington DC?

This changes every year depending on how cold and wet the winter has been.  The blossoms come into full bloom anytime between March 20 and April 10 each year, with the average being about April 4.  The trees will be partially in bloom for a week beforehand, and then will stay in full bloom for about a week. A final week will have still have plenty of blossoms on the trees. And, if you come too late, the National Park Service has plenty several stands of late-blooming Kwanzaan cherry trees just off the Tidal Basin, so you will still get a chance to see some trees in bloom even two or even three weeks after the main bloom. Full bloom is notoriously hard to predict more than a week or two out. The National Park Service Bloom Watch gives their predictions each year.  They are usually wrong, so take any predictions with a grain of salt.  The National Cherry Blossom Festival Bloom Watch is another good source if you want to choose the wrong date to arrive for full bloom.

Cherry Blossom Tour