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Tours of the Nation's Capital


Kid Friendly Tour of Washington DCBringing your kids to Washington DC?  If so, you are probably looking to make your visit both fun AND educational.

At Nonpartisan Pedicab, our private tours are fun-packed and exciting with the historical narration geared toward the age level of both kids and adults.

We love giving tours to families with children of all ages.  More importantly kids love us.  We will do everything possible to give your family a memorable, fun, and educational experience with lots of photo opportunities.

Great Photo Opportunities at Every Turn!

We know all the perfect spots to snap a photo of your family both seated on the pedicab and inside each monument. Some of the best photo opportunities are at locations that would be inaccessible on a bus tour.


Your Family's Comfort and Convenience Are Our #1 Priority!

This is a private tour, so you can start on your own schedule and go at your own pace. We can pick you up from any downtown location. Tour length is flexible, so you can customize the tour to everything that you and your family wish to see.

At each stop we wait for you rather than you trying to find a bus stop and waiting for the next bus.  We will be right there ready to bring you to the next memorial.

Fantastic Value for Your Money and Your Time!

With two adults, one small child can always ride free

We can fit two adults and two kids with ease.  And, we often even fit two adults and 3 small kids.

You can comfortably visit all the memorials taking your time at each in about 3 hours. 

Great Tour Guides Lead to a Great Family Experience!

All of our guides are experts on the National Mall and other DC attractions.  On your tour, we will be happy to give you some recommendations for kid friendly activities and restaurants in the city.  Because this is a private tour, all of our recommendations will be based upon your personal interests.


We have hundreds of 5 star reviews across the internet on TripAdvisor, Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

We offer quality, convenience, a great tour narrative and fun for visitors of all ages.

Call Robert for a recommendation on your ultimate tour:  703-231-9882.

All of our private Washington DC tours are Family Friendly, Pet Friendly, and Handicap Accessible. 

Please scroll or follow links for sightseeing tour details.


Frequently Asked Questions about our Kid Friendly Tours of Washington DC

What if my kids are very active? Can we still take this tour?

Yes.  This is not a problem at all.  The tour is fun, and we stop at all the major memorials where the kids can get out and walk/run around.  We always engage each kid individually during the tour. We get active kids all the time, and we find that we can keep their interest by gearing the tour to what they are interested in.

How much walking is involved? My kids hate walking.

Then, a pedicab tour is the answer to all your problems. There would be a lot of walking between the monuments if you tried to visit on your own. But, on the pedicab we whisk you from location to location at a speed that allows you to see everything as you go by.  No need to find the bus stop and wait for the next bus.   On a pedicab tour, we stop close to each memorial and give you and opportunity to walk though and visit.  It's so much more quick and convenient than the bus tour.

Will we get good family photos?

We know a lot of perfect locations for photos depending on the lighting and the time of day. We are happy to help you snap photos of your family, and we are pretty good at it, too.

Can the tour guide adjust the narrative to fit the interest level of my kids?

Everyone has a different level of interest in US history and the various monuments that represent our great Americans and the events of our history.  Because this is a private tour, we always gear our narrative to the level of interest of your kids. At the same time we can add additional details and perspective for the adults.  Every tour is personalized, and we don't just go over a routine with a fixed tour narrative like the bus tours do.

My kids like to ask lots of questions.  Is that OK?

We love questions whether from kids or from adults. This is a private tour, so you can interact personally with your tour guide. Ask us about American history or the monuments. Ask us about family friendly things to do in DC. Ask us about dinosaurs, movies, or sports. Questions are always welcome.

Is your tour better than the bus tour?

Why waste your time and money on a 'cookie-cutter' crowded group tour when you can have an memorable and affordable experience customized to your families schedule and interests?


Private Guided Sightseeing Tours

please scroll down for reviews and testimonials

Kid Friendly Tours of Washington DC


  • Visit the the 9 Must-See Monuments and Memorials in DC!
  • Start on Your Own Schedule and Go at Your Own Pace!
  • Free Pick-up from Any Downtown Location! 
  • One Small Child Rides Free with Two Adults!
  • Tour Duration: 2 to 4 hours

Read More About the DC Monuments Tour

Twilight Tour


  • Spectacular Views of the Memorials at Twilight!
  • Start on Your Own Schedule and Go at Your Own Pace
  • Free Pickup From Any Downtown Location
  • One Small Child Can Ride Free with Two Adults
  • Approximately 2 to 4 Hours

Read More About the Twilight Tour

All Nonpartisan Pedicab Tours Include:

  • Comfortable Seating with a Shaded Canopy!  You Always Have a 360º View!
  • Personalized Tour With A Friendly, Knowledgeable Guide!
  • Free Pick-Up from Any Downtown Location!
  • Get Dropped Off At The Location Of Your Choice!
  • Dogs Ride for Free!
  • Small Children Ride Free! (one free child per cab)
  • Strollers, Wheelchairs, and Pets welcome!
  • Easy Access for Elderly and Handicapped Passengers!
  • Start and Finish On Your Own Schedule!
  • Economical Use Of Your Time and Energy!
  • Fully Licensed and Insured ($1,000,000)
  • Authorized by the National Park Service

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Please Call For More Info, Reservations, or Quick Pickup

Guided Tours of DC

What Do Moms and Dads Say About
Nonpartisan Pedicab Tours?


"Best thing we did in D. C. !!!!!"

5 start Tripadvisor Review for Nonpartisan Pedicab

We took a family vacation to DC. It was our first time to visit (our kids are 12 & 10). We wanted to see the monuments at night but didn’t want to spend all night getting on & off a bus full of people so we booked a tour with Robert at Nonpartisan Pedicabs. And let me just say...this MADE our entire trip!! Robert is such a friendly & personable guy & the tour was above our expectations!! We were able to see so much in 3 hours. When people ask us about our trip to D. C. we tell them hands down, the absolute best thing we did was call Robert!



"Amazing Tour of DC!!"
5 start Tripadvisor Review for Nonpartisan Pedicab

I just took an almost 3.5 hr tour this morning with my kids who are 10 and 7 yrs old. I can’t say enough good things about Robert and the tour! We were able to see every single major monument and memorial. Robert was great about giving us history but explaining it so my kids could get the important parts. He was patient and let us get out to walk around at each stop. My kids loved it. We got lucky with a cooler morning and I would suggest going early if you are doing it in a warm month. Definitely worth it!!


"Best thing we did in DC!"

5 start Tripadvisor Review for Nonpartisan Pedicab

My family had an amazing time on our monuments tour with Robert. This was by far the best thing we did on our trip. It was so nice to have the personal attention of a private tour guide and be able to pick what your family wants to do. The four of us (myself, my husband and our 8- and 6-year-olds) fit very comfortably in the pedicab and the slower ride (vs a large tour bus) was great to really be able to take in all of the sights and the environment. Robert was incredibly knowledgeable and provided interesting historical facts along the way. He customized the tour to make it more child-friendly for our family which was great. Our children can't stop talking about how much they loved it! They even remember a lot of the historical information he gave us! When we come back to DC, we'll definitely do another tour with Robert! 


"The best way to see DC!"

5 start Tripadvisor Review for Nonpartisan Pedicab

We are a family of four with a 9 year old and 5 year old and traveled to DC for a quick 3 day trip. While our itinerary was set well in advance, we had originally anticipated doing one of the hop on/hop off tour bus lines as a general sightseeing tour. Just before we headed to DC, I saw the listing for Nonpartisan Pedicab on TripAdvisor and its outstanding reviews. The flexibility to pick which buildings and monuments to see as well as the ability to adjust timing appealed to us traveling with the children.

I contacted the company and heard back from Robert right away. At my request, he made a recommendation on date/time for the tour based on weather reports. We arranged to meet at our hotel but Robert messaged that if we ended up out and about to just text him and he'd pick us up wherever we were. The communication all along was excellent.

It was the perfect way to see the district, especially for our children's first time. The pedicab had the right mix of riding then parking near the monuments and buildings so we could walk up on our own for sightseeing and pictures. Robert had historical photos that he'd share along with information about each monument or building. He engaged the kids as much as he did the adults. So much so that my 9 year old has consistently said the pedicab tour was the best part of the trip. We had some really special tours/events while in DC including the White House Egg Roll, a tour of the East Wing of the White House, production floor tour of Bureau of Engraving and Printing and a tour of the US Treasury Building. But the pedicab tour took top honors. 
She loved how Robert explained everything in terms she'd understand and that he related it all back to things she had learned in school.

The entire family agrees the pedicab tour with Robert was the highlight of our trip. We are glad we did it in the beginning of our trip to provide an overview and we are so glad to have done it in the evening. The monuments and buildings lit up at night are simply beautiful. As many times as my husband and I have seen DC, this was seeing it all in a whole new way. Thanks, Nonpartisan Pedicab, for setting the perfect tone for our DC trip!



For Info, Reservations, or Quick Pickup
Please Call 703-231-9882

Tour FAQ

Where Can You Be Picked Up?

Free pick up is provided from downtown hotels, museums, restaurants, Metro stations, and parking lots. If you’re not sure about your exact pickup locationtour duration, or tour pick-up time, that’s okay. We’ll discuss details when we confirm your reservation.

Tour Pickup Zone

Tour Pricing



Essential DC Monuments & Memorials Tour

2 Hours — $350 (per pedicab)

BOOK NOW! ONLY $270    —  Election Year Special!

Includes our entertaining historical narration as well as photo opportunities and stops at most of the major Monuments and Memorials on the National Mall (as well as the White House).  Although this is a shorter tour covering all the essentials, you will still have the opportunity to stop at several memorials of your choice to go inside for photos or just to explore. This is a completely private and customized tour and includes complimentary pickup from any downtown location.

*This price is inclusive of 2 adults plus 1 child. For 3 adults seated in a single pedicab (or 2 adults plus 2 children), there is a surcharge of $30 per hour. All tours can be extended at a pro-rated fee.

Classic DC Monuments & Memorials Tour

3 Hours — $495 (per pedicab)


This expertly guided tour stops at all the Monuments and Memorials, goes around the Tidal Basin and also includes a stop to view the White House. Led with entertaining and historical narration, you will have the opportunity to get out of the pedicab and walk inside each memorial for photos or just to explore. This is a completely private tour, entirely customized to your wishes and includes complimentary pickup from any downtown location.

*This price is inclusive of 2 adults plus 1 child. For 3 adults seated in a single pedicab (or 2 adults plus 2 children), there is a surcharge of $30 per hour. All tours can be extended at a pro-rated fee.

Grand Tour of the National Mall

4.25 Hours — $721 (per pedicab)


In addition to all the Monuments and Memorials you would see on the DC Monuments & Memorials Tour, this tour will also take you down the Presidential Parade Route along Pennsylvania Avenue with a stop on the West side of the US Capitol. We proceed down Museum Row with a broad overview of the Smithsonian Museums. This private tour may be customized as you desire and includes complimentary pickup from any downtown location.

All other tours as listed on our Featured Tours page are at an hourly rate of $175 per hour.

Extending your tour is easy! Additional time is priced at $175 per hour per pedicab, prorated to the length of your tour. Feel free to decide to extend while you are on your tour with us.

BOOK ANY TOUR! NOW ONLY $135 (per hour)

*This price is inclusive of 2 adults plus 1 child. For 3 adults seated in a single pedicab (or 2 adults plus 2 children), there is a surcharge of $30 per hour. All tours can be extended at a pro-rated fee.


  • Pricing is per pedicab.
  • Generally, up to 3 adults can fit into a single pedicab*
  • Two small children = one adult
  • A child of 9 or older will be charged as a third adult
  • For a third adult, we charge an additional $30 per hour


* Two adults of any size can comfortably fit into a single pedicab. Three adults will have varying levels of comfort depending on the size of the adults.


We accept payments

Tour Booking Payment

Convenient, Safe & Secure Payment Processing

How Much Time for a Tour?

National Monuments Tour

2 – 4 Hours

Twilight Tour of the Monuments

2 – 4 Hours

Smithsonian and Pennsylvania Avenue Tour

1.5 - 2 hours

A 5 to 6 mile loop around the national monuments takes about 90 minutes of actual riding time.
The amount of time you spend on tour depends on how many stops you choose to make and how much time you take at each stop.
Are you unsure how much time you need on your tour? We extend tours all the time. We simply pro-rate the tour fee for the extra time you need to enjoy the ride.

How Many Pedicabs Do You Need?

    How Many Pedicabs Do You Need?

    • 1 adult + 2 small children = 1 pedicab
    • 2 adults + 1 small child = 1 pedicab
    • 2 adults + 2 small children = 1 pedicab
    • 2 adults + 3 small children = 1 pedicab
    • 3 adults + 1 small child = 1 or 2 pedicabs*
    • 3 adults + 3 small children = take 2 pedicabs
    • 3 adults = take 1 pedicab*
    • 4 adults = take 2 pedicabs


    * 3 adults generally fit into a single pedicab with varying degrees of comfort. 3 large adults may prefer to split up into 2 pedicabs for comfort. Please ask us if you have any doubts.

Additional FAQ Frequently Asked Questions can be found on our FAQ page.

Pedicab Tours

Why Choose Nonpartisan Pedicab Tours?

Because it is a great way to visit the National Mall, Monuments, Memorials and Museums !

Private Guided Tours

Get the most out of your time and money, hire a Pedicab

  • Personalized Tour With A Friendly, Knowledgeable Guide!
  • Start And Finish On Your Own Schedule!
  • Free Pick Up At Any Downtown Location!
  • Economical Use Of Your Time And Energy!
  • Get Dropped Off At The Location Of Your Choice!
  • Small Children Ride Free!
  • So Much Better Than Bus Or Segway Tours!
  • Much Easier and Faster Than Walking
  • Fully Licensed and Insured ($1,000,000)
About Us

Nonpartisan Pedicab Private Tours of DCNonpartisan Pedicab is owned and operated by Robert Hart an experienced, professional pedicab tour guide.  We provide pedicab transportation and tour services on the National Mall and throughout Washington, DC.

The operation is fully licensed by the National Park Service to operate on the National Mall.  This permit, called a CUA, requires $1,000,000 worth of liability insurance.

Robert is also a multilingual guide, speaking both Spanish and Mandarin Chinese along with a smattering of other languages.

Hablo Español.  Bienvenidos a Washington.  我会说中文 .  欢迎中国旅客

We offer advanced reservations service, on-call pick-ups, packaged recommended tours, personalized customized tours, and special event services.

When we’re not showing our clients the best of Washington DC, you might find us cruising around the National Mall or waiting at dedicated pedicab stands located in front of major museums and monuments.

Call us at 703-231-9882, or book a reservation with our Online Booking Service.

National Park Service Authorized

Authorized by the National Park Service
Licensed and Insured

We know the National Mall like it is our own backyard (because it is!). Join us for a memorable tour of the Nation’s Landmarks.

What is a Pedicab?

Pedicab ToursWhat is a pedicab? The Best Way to do Washington DC Sightseeing, of course!

Pedicabs are human powered transportation that allows you to quietly and conveniently get up close to your destination.

They can also have the added benefit of providing a professional tour guide that delivers a personal interactive experience that is just not available with other tours.

Up to 3 regular sized adults can be accommodated, as well as, folding wheelchairs or baby-strollers.  They are ideal for the elderly or people with mobility issues.

Group tours can also be easily arranged.

Pedicab vs. Walking

Many people come to DC expecting to walk all over — Smithsonian museums, Capitol, White House, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, etc.

On the map, everything looks close. At some point, they realize that everything is actually spread out over a large area. People become exhausted and it takes a lot of time to walk around. When that happens many worthwhile sites get missed and people think about their aching feet rather than the national heritage.

Hiring a pedicab is a very practical solution. Quick, convenient, comfortable and affordable.

Walking Tours

Walking long distances in the heat.

Pedicab Tours Are Fun

Looks like more fun, right?

Pedicab vs. Segway

You don’t need to wear a helmet on our tour… or sign a liability and insurance waiver…

A Segway Tour sounds like fun and adventure. But a trip to the emergency room can certainly ruin your vacation and using a Segway is definitely not as easy as it looks.

It can be expensive and at least a half-hour of your tour is spent on safety training instead of seeing the sights. A lot of people abandon their segway tours and end up walking.

Segways are cool transportation devices.  Under the right circumstances you can see why people refer to them as possibly changing the future of transportation.

But they are not all that great for touring the Monuments, Memorials and Museums.

Unless you want to be a crash-test dummy.

Pedicab vs Big Bus


  • Custom, Personal Tour — Enjoy the sights at your own pace!
  • Friendly tour guide converses with you
  • Waits for you right out front of all monuments
  • Always goes exactly where you want it to go
  • Picks up and drops you off at any downtown location
  • Tour guide recommends restaurants & attractions tailored to you
  • Easily accessible to elderly and handicapped people
  • Stroller and folding wheelchair friendly
  • See all the monuments in 1.5 – 2.5 hours
  • Minimal walking
  • Full 360 degree view for all passengers



  • Guide uses loudspeaker. No personal interaction with customers.
  • Canned speech endlessly repeated to a crowd of people
  • You must search for bus stands and wait for bus
  • You must follow the fixed route and schedule
  • Set route — you must get to and from the bus
  • No recommendations, nothing personal about it.
  • Steep stairs to climb to go up to the open top
  • No storage for wheelchairs or strollers. You’re out of luck.
  • Spend all day long to see the same amount
  • Lots of walking to find the bus stands
  • View only from the side of bus you are sitting on