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The Nonpartisan Pedicab tour is the perfect way to experience the sights of essential DC monuments and memorials. Being 2 seniors traveling together, it was very convenient for us to have the tour to ourselves, on our own time schedule. It was so great to have a personalize private tour with Bob, who is friendly, so knowledgeable, providing us with interesting historical facts along the way. We also had the opportunities to have closer looks of the buildings and monuments. He took the time to take pictures of us. I highly recommend Nonpartisan Pedicab tour!

Claire D Avatar Claire D
September 3, 2022

Our tour with Don was perfect....awesome! This tour far exceeded our expectations. It was INCREDIBLE. Don was kind, and very informative. We learned along the way, at each stop....and was perfectly timed. Never rushed, and never bored. We'd give six stars if possible. You won't regret hiring this company!

Michael Marzion Avatar Michael Marzion
August 29, 2022

This was absolutely the best tour my family has ever been on. We took my father (a Vietnam Veteran) on our own family version of Honor Flight. This company provided us with the only way (in my opinion) to tour DC. They showed great respect to my father and gave us all priceless and lasting memories. Their attention to detail, accommodations, knowledge and friendliness are far above any other. Please, trust me when I say, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO TOUR DC!

Jackie Presley Avatar Jackie Presley
August 23, 2022

Do yourself a favor and book this pedicab tour! Our twilight mall tour is one my elementary school age daughter and I will always remember. Don't miss the opportunity to relax, learn, be amazed and delighted. Our tour was right at 2 hours as requested, including West end monuments and tidal basin. Bob picked us up and dropped us off at our metro stations. If we did not have to get up early the next morning we would have asked to continue! We look forward to returning for another tour. You will see many other types of tours (electric carts, Segways, bikes) this is by far the best mode. Bob our guide was so friendly, knowledgeable, and engaging. He knows the very best views and inside stories. We went at sunset and saw the monuments all lit up, stunningly gorgeous and not too crowded. Personalized tour, hop on and off if you want closer looks. When booking Robert was fast and easy to confirm and ask questions. Our nonpartisan pedicab tour experience represented the very best of vacation travel: easy, relaxing, engaging, fun,  something we will remember forever - and hope to do again. Thank you Bob and Nonpartisan pedicab!!! Your care is appreciated and makes a difference!

Audrey Coleman Avatar Audrey Coleman
August 13, 2022

I know pedicabs might be a bit pricey for some of you, but if you guys have the money for it definitely give this company a go! The dog I’m sitting had so much fun with me on our ride :)! Robert was EXTREMELY helpful with scheduling and finding a location spot for us. Read was our pedicab driver and took us to some beautiful spots for Clem and I to explore. He even gave us water after being concerned about the warm weather. I’ve never seen Clem so comfortable with a human before and she gave Read kisses as a thank you after our ride was done. Thanks again for the immense amount of support and kindness Robert and Read!

Chelsea Alexus Avatar Chelsea Alexus
July 4, 2022

This an absolutely awesome way to see the city and learn some of the most fascinating history, architecture, buildings, sights and much more. Do not pass up this opportunity. Call them!! They’re very responsive, very knowledgeable, fun and friendly!!! They even like dogs!!

Kristine Habetler Avatar Kristine Habetler
February 27, 2022

Robert is a fantastic guide. We took his tour twice last year when friends were in town. We are locals but still learned things about the Washington, DC area. Robert also speaks Spanish, so he can do the tour if you have friends that don't speak English. Highly recommend!

Teresa Ball Avatar Teresa Ball
February 23, 2022

Super fun, even in the cold! We had a blast. Pedicab was comfortable, guide was incredibly knowledgeable, the whole experience was well worth it! Lots of freedom to determine how long your tour goes, where you can get on/off. Can't say enough good things.

Cat Kiengsiri Avatar Cat Kiengsiri
January 2, 2022

I was in an awkward position. My 88 year old aunt and uncle were visiting us in Washington for the first time. We had promised them a bus tour of Washington they could get on and off of that would be open air for Covid safety and wheel chair accommodating for one of them. The on off buses were not running. Unfortunately it happened that the busses with open air were no longer wheel chair friendly. We could drive them by the monuments ourselves but not coordinate the parking and off boarding so we were desperate until I saw the pedicab company praised as the most mobility friendly of all means of touring AND it was open air! We had limited time left but I made the call and got immediate call back. They agreed to organize a tour only 2 hours later and Barry actually came to pick them up at our apartment! He bundled them into the pedicab and took off for a 2 to 3 hour tour. 3.5 hours later I called to make sure everything was alright. They were deliriously happy. Ecstatic. Over the moon. The guide treated them like precious cargo. Took them everywhere. Did everything. Showed them where to take the best pictures and took dozens of pictures of them for them. He borrowed wheel chairs from park police so he could take my uncle up the Washington monument and the Lincoln memorial. He took them to the newly opened capitol. He bundled them back into blankets after each stop. He spoke loudly enough for my partly deaf uncle to hear. He was infinitely patient and helpful. They came home walking on air. They said it was the best day of any vacation they recall. So this is a great option for frail or elderly or mobility challenged guests. There was a minor hitch when the guide showed up without the wheelchair rack since he had not been told it would be needed. He offered to retrieve it quickly but my uncle declined since he didn't relish getting in and out so often. Barry was able to borrow one when he did. he sent them dozens of pictures he took of them as well in front of every monument. They could not have been in better hands. Be aware that this is not a cheap service. At over a hundred dollars per hour the price mounts fast and an extra hour could be an unpleasant surprise as there is no price break for longer tours. Our total plus tip was nearly 500 bucks, but we could easily have dropped that much at a dinner for 4 at a pricey restaurant and not come close to giving them so many hours of pleasure and lasting memories. And Covid safety. I can't recommend Nonpartsan Pedicab highly enough.

karen aguilar Avatar karen aguilar
December 2, 2021

We had a wonderful experience - last minute - to secure a pedicab for bride and groom in Old Town Alexandria in August. Cannot thank these guys enough fir being able to “wing it” and communication was excellent !

Beth McLeod Avatar Beth McLeod
December 2, 2021