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  •   Moonlight Tour of the Monuments

    We headed back to DC for the 35th anniversary of the dedication of the Vietnam War Memorial. My husband, a vet, had never seen it and was going to be reading names. We wanted a chance to visit the monuments and experience the VWM ahead of time, and bus tours are not our thing. Actually, tours are not our thing either, but we wanted to go at night, get around to all the monuments and not hike miles in the November chill. I got online and did a quick search and decided a pedicab would be an easy, intimate, stress free way to see the mall and the monuments by night.

    Email communications were quick and easy. I contacted them via their website on Sunday evening and made arrangements in a few hours for a Monday evening tour, to begin at a central DC location to be determined by us early Monday evening when we decided where we would be dining. Monday evening when we settled on a steakhouse for dinner I texted Barry where we would be. It was a little bit drizzly that evening, and he offered that we could try later in the week if we preferred, but it was pretty mild and the report indicated that the weather might get clearer, but it was also getting colder so we choose to stay with our reservation despite the damp. As we were finishing up dessert and paying the tab he pedaled up to the restaurant to collect us. Barry was pulling out clear cab wraps to protect us from the weather, but we decided it wasn't bad enough to warrant that and took the offered lap robe and deferred having the walls.

    We commenced what was to become a 3 hour tour of all the sights of the Mall and the Monuments and many of the beautiful buildings that surround the center of our Federal government, including the Capitol, the White House and the Treasury. We even saw Kennedy's Eternal Flame across the river in Arlington, and the Lee home glowing on top of the hill.

    It was just beautiful. Calm and peaceful, we avoided the large bus crowds and sat warm and relaxed in our little covered cab while Barry shared his knowledge of the Capitol Mall and surroundings, historical and contemporary. I'll share a secret, I have a degree in history, and know a great deal of the history of our capitol city and not once did he make any claims that I knew to be false, or overly embellished, and anything he offered that was a bit questionable in its' actual historical accuracy he prefaced as such, and then told the story in such an amusing way you didn't really care how true it was ; -) We had such a delightful evening and so enjoyed our time with Barry! He made the evening a really special moment in time, one we will always treasure.

    He dropped us at the Vietnam War Memorial last, after we had visited and strolled thru all the others, and I thanked him and told him we might be a while at the final stop and he was free to go, we would catch a Lyft from Constitution Avenue nearby. We were there quite a while as we soaked up the experience and let the iconic memorial work its' emotional catharsis.

    When we emerged from the garden there was Barry, sitting in his cab waiting for us. He wanted to be sure we got off home alright and weren't left standing in the rain waiting without cover for a ride so late in the evening.

    Kinda can't recommend him, and Nonpartisan, highly enough. Smart and well informed and personable, and able to chat whilst pedaling hell bent for leather up the grades surrounding the Mall, Barry was everything you could hope for in someone to guide you thru the experience.

    And the pedicab is the perfect vehicle to use, moving at just the right pace to allow you to really absorb what you are seeing and hearing, without the distraction and annoyance of a loudspeaker blaring factoids as you sit on a crowded bus and climb on and off with the crowd at each stop.

    An excellent value, and a way to make a really wonderful memory, take the night tour, you will not regret it! And tell Barry I said hi!

    thumb Sara D.

      Great tour for anyone elderly.
    My 91 year old mom was visiting me and had never been to DC.  I texted with Robert, who suggested a very convenient pick-up spot. We had a 3 hour tour with Fahad. All I told him at the start was she has never been to DC and to please show whatever major monuments you can cover in 3 hours. We had lunch booked at noon.
    Fahad's tour was FANTASTIC.  He was so knowledgeable, fun and considerate.  It made such a difference being able to bike through some of the monuments and bike up very close to others where we could do a short walk to see the monument and view. He pointed out places with bathrooms and elevators along the way. He would even leave the seat up for us so that the seat didn't get hot when we got back to the pedicab.  Fahad pointed out the symbolism behind the design of the monuments and gave interesting mini-history lessons along the way.  
    This tour absolutely exceeded our expectations!  We highly recommend this tour, especially for someone who cannot walk much. You will not regret booking a tour with nonpartisan pedicabs.

    thumb Adrienne R.

      We had a great pedicab tour this late afternoon with Barry. He picked us up at the International Sy Museum and took us around to all the monuments. Because it was freezing cold, he wrapped us up in a warm blanket and used a plastic "bubble" to guard us from the elements. He was very interesting and kept the subject light for the benefit of the kids. I highly recommend.

    thumb Jessica F.

      Nonpartisan Pedicab did an amazing job in so many ways.  They were incredibly responsive and helped us with my 85 year old Mother.  They were very knowledgeable about any place we decided to go. Which also tells you how flexible they were.  We decided at the last minute how to creat the best use of our needs and time.   I highly recommend Nonpartisan Pedicab!

    thumb Carrie C.

      My husband, two boys (ages 12 & 8), and I visited DC in July and could not have found a better way to see DC.  Robert was a fantastic tour guide- all while peddling us through the DC streets!  He kept my boys attention for 2.5 hours and we learned so many interesting facts about the monuments.  If you want a novel way to see the DC sites- this is the way to go!!

    thumb Lisa S.

      Visiting DC would normally involve lots of walking to see most of the Monuments. But this year, my 87 year old mother wanted to get up close to some of the most popular sites. After researching how to accomplish this, I cam across the Nonpartisan Pedicab. After make my initial contact, the arrangements were completed via text. The process was hassle free and they were very happy to assist me and my mother on an adventure of DC. Patrick was our guide and accomodated our requests to see specific sites. He was knowledgeable and friendly to us and respectful to pedestrians. I would definitely hire Nonpartisan Pedicab in the future and so should you!

    thumb Bruce E.

      Our scheduled tour was a rainy chilly spring night. Robert offered to take us in a rain cover with blankets or to reschedule for the next night which had a far more favorable weather forecast. Our schedule was flexible so we much appreciated the ability to go out in nicer weather. He picked us up at Carmine's after our dinner and dropped us off at our hotel at the end of our tour. Having the pedicab meet us where we were and drop us where we were staying was a real time saver and took the stress out of getting to and from the tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable of each of the monuments and answered several of my teenage children's questions. In fact he was so friendly the conversation was effortless and even went off topic a few times, but he was able to reel them back in to the next monument. We enjoyed the relaxed pace of the tour and that we were able to get out and take pictures and look around at our own pace, and not have to wait around on the next trolly or bus. He even took pictures of us on the pedicab which was a nice keepsake. This is the first trip we have actually made it to all the monuments around the national mall in one trip, bonus we weren't exhausted at the end!

    thumb Hatta H.

      On our first ever trip to D.C., we brought my handicapped parents. When considering monument tour options, we decided to use Nonpartisan Pedicabs. Our cabs arrived on time to pick us up, and were very easy for my parents to climb aboard. Our guides were friendly and very accommodating, letting us "ride by" some memorials and stop to enter/view others. They were ready with blankets and the cabs had clear wind proof sides so we could see everything. Barry and Steph were the highlight of our trip!


    thumb Wendy S.

      We had a blast on our Twilight tour with Barry. He took us to all of the places we haven't seen and was very knowledgeable with his narration. I highly recommend this tour!!

    thumb Lisa M.

      Haven't even taken the tour yet and I give 5 stars for the booking experience and customer service.  Robert was extremely responsive and accommodating booking my mother and aunt on less than a days notice!  Highly responsive, already has a repeat customer here!

    Post your update:  my mom and aunt said it was the best tour they have ever been on in their lives.  Tour guide was extremely knowledgeable, experience on the pedicab was seeing DC like never before.  Highly recommended.

    thumb Michael F.
  •   We decided to take a pedicab tour after my mother was injured right before our trip, leaving her unable to walk any significant distance. The fellow at Nonpartisan Pedicab Tours made sure to arrange a tour guide that could accommodate her collapsible wheelchair. Our tour guide, Read, was so friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic! We felt safe the entire ride, and saw at least five times what we would have if left to our own devices. We were able to get out and explore where we wanted to, and were able to take our time getting my mother in and out of the cab. It was a thousand times better than the bus tours. I would recommend this company to anyone wanting to see the monuments by day, sunset, and night!

    thumb Emily Q.

      I recently had the pleasure of booking a tour with Nonpartisan Pedicab during my trip to take my mom to Washington D.C. to see the Cherry blossoms in peak bloom, and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with their service.

    From the moment I contacted them, I was met with exceptional customer service. Robert, who helped me book the tour, was knowledgeable, friendly, and went above and beyond to ensure that I had all the information I needed for a memorable experience.

    Our tour guide, Bob, was equally impressive. He was personable, knowledgeable, and had a great sense of humor. He made the tour interesting and engaging, sharing fascinating insights about the monuments and other attractions we visited.

    I also appreciated the fact that Nonpartisan Pedicab was upfront about the limitations of the tour, particularly during peak tourist times. Despite this, they still managed to provide an excellent experience that exceeded my expectations.

    All in all, I would highly recommend Nonpartisan Pedicab to anyone looking for a unique and informative tour of Washington D.C. Their exceptional customer service, knowledgeable guides, and commitment to providing a positive experience make them a top choice for anyone looking to explore the city in a fun and engaging way.

    thumb Brian H.

      Amazing.  Five stars right out of the gate.  Robert, the owner, got back to us within minutes of emailing him.  He had lots of suggestions, and took the anxiety of thinking where to meet them or how to travel into the city (we were staying in Alexandria) and made it clear we could be flexible with our pick up location.  He was very reassuring in helping us decide to take the Metro as there were protestors blocking off roads randomly.  I wanted an evening/night tour and seeing the blooming Cherry trees in the tidal basin was a must.  We had SO MUCH FUN.  Read, our guide, was flexible in picking us up in a new location after we ended our meal (which Robert suggested a restaurant for) early.  We had a great tour starting just at the start of sunset into twilight.  Great history, trivia, and a fun and comfortable ride for two adults and two very happy kids.   Read helped with keeping us on time and letting us know where bathroom breaks would be.   Sailing under trees and the beauty of the glowing monuments was so pretty and serene.  Perfect for mobility issues or just getting to "see it all" with young kids at the end of a long day without sitting in crazy spring break traffic.  Read took us back up the street and dropped us off at a Metro station, which was so nice at the end of a long day.  I didn't take pictures of the pedicab, but I took a video of my son's face when we coasted down a hill, pure joy.   The kids asked to go back and do it again in the fall.  

    Another thing- people as we drove by looked ENVIOUS.  Everyone who pointed it out said, "that's such a good idea!" or "Oh, wow, my feet would love that."  We didn't see another pedicab the entire tour.   I think it was absolutely worth it to stay in the ambiance of the evening, much better than taking a bus!

    thumb Suzanne S.

      What a fantastic time we had with Alex. He was incredibly knowledgeable and gave us more history than we could ever have gotten by visiting the monuments by ourselves. It was a beautiful ride and Alex was incredibly accommodating. Worth every penny. Don't hesitate to book this tour!

    thumb Michele I.

      We had a fantastic moonlight monument tour with Fahad! We saw and learned so much during a 2.5 hour tour of all of the major monuments and some hidden gems. Fahad was an encyclopedia of information and made the tour so much fun. It was such a unique way to see the monuments and memorials. My 14-year old had a blast and is still talking about everything she saw. Definitely the highlight of our entire trip!

    You can visit DC with another tour but you will LOVE DC when you experience a pedicab tour with Fahad and Nonpartisan Pedicab. Thank you, Fahad for creating some wonderful family memories that will last a lifetime!

    thumb Ann W.

      We wanted to do a nighttime tour of the DC monuments and decided we would enjoy a more "personal" tour that was only two hours long (opposed to the many standard tours that are three hours long).  We booked this on the SAME DAY which was great!  I left a voice message in the morning and got an immediate reply after to set up the details.   We were told "Stephanie" would be our guide and she would pick us up at the agreed to location.   She was right on time, super friendly, and very knowledgeable about the sites!  I docked one star due to the fact that it was super hard to hear her at times (as she often had to face forward away from us so she could see where she was going - thank goodness! - and there was traffic around us at times).  We loved being able to jump off and get some good photo ops and then jump right back on to continue the tour.  She took us home right back to the front of our hotel at the end! Bonus!  

    My one recommendation would be is to have the guides where a small mic attached to a small speaker (or something along those lines) so you can really enjoy their commentary.

    thumb christine r.

      I scheduled this tour at the beginning of our trip to DC. It was a perfect way to start out. Alex couldn't have given us a better tour.  He made the tour exciting, interesting and educational. Not only did he give us a fantastic tour, he help me plan the rest of our trip in DC. I highly recommend these guys!

    thumb Edi E.

      The Nonpartisan Pedicab tour is a perfect way to experience all the major attractions of D.C. in an efficient and enjoyable way. The booking process was easy, and the owner (Robert) worked with us to customize a tour based on what we were most interested in seeing. Robert personally led our tour, and in addition to being friendly and accommodating, he was also a wealth of knowledge about the city and its buildings/monuments. The tour affords plenty of opportunities to stop for a closer look and take pictures. I highly recommend NP!

    thumb Jack W.

      I moved to the area about a year ago and had been out walking around the National Mall many times. I wanted to do a bit different of a tour as a belated Valentine's surprise for my boyfriend - but the catch was, I wanted to bring our dogs along. We own a Chihuahua who is a Medical Alert Service Dog and only 3.5 lbs., but we also own a 120 lb.+ Bullmastiff, who was the main concern for tagging along. Barry was extremely open to the idea of both dogs coming, and ensured me that it would be no problem at all. He even customized the tour to my liking so that we could view the Fire Dog Monument and walk the FDR Memorial at sunset. This day could not have gone any better. We got exceptional sunset photos of our whole "family" thanks to Barry, learned so much new information about the city and never once felt rushed. This is hands-down the best tour in D.C. and I will be telling all of my visiting friends that this is the must-do way to view D.C

    thumb Alyssa I.

      I can't say enough about how great this was.  Robert was a perfect guide.  The registration was simple and he told us a good place to park and meet him.  We only had a day to spend in D.C.  so with an elder that uses a cane to walk and two other small adults, this turned out to be the best way to see all the monuments in about 3 hours.  We went from the Washington Monument all the way to the Lincoln Monument with long stops at Lincoln and Jefferson, to get out and walk up, inside of them.  We stopped in front of all the other memorials/monuments, and points of interest (Washington, The Ellipse - site of Trump Jan. 6th speech, FDR Memorial, MLK Memorial, WW1 and WW2 memorials, Korean War memorial).  We also got good views of the White House and Capitol.  And Robert gave us a most interesting tutorial on each one.  He knew just about anything you could ask him!  I wish we'd had time and mental energy to see more but after 3 hours of hearing about each one our brains were pretty exhausted.  But it was so wonderful, not to have to deal with catching buses or taking long walks.  It costs quite a bit of money but too me, it was well worth it.

    thumb Denise S.