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  •   Robert and Alex gave us a great tour!  They were very knowledgeable. What a great and relaxing way to experience the National Mall!

    thumb Dana G.

      We had a blast on our Twilight tour with Barry. He took us to all of the places we haven't seen and was very knowledgeable with his narration. I highly recommend this tour!!

    thumb Lisa M.

      Amazing.  Five stars right out of the gate.  Robert, the owner, got back to us within minutes of emailing him.  He had lots of suggestions, and took the anxiety of thinking where to meet them or how to travel into the city (we were staying in Alexandria) and made it clear we could be flexible with our pick up location.  He was very reassuring in helping us decide to take the Metro as there were protestors blocking off roads randomly.  I wanted an evening/night tour and seeing the blooming Cherry trees in the tidal basin was a must.  We had SO MUCH FUN.  Read, our guide, was flexible in picking us up in a new location after we ended our meal (which Robert suggested a restaurant for) early.  We had a great tour starting just at the start of sunset into twilight.  Great history, trivia, and a fun and comfortable ride for two adults and two very happy kids.   Read helped with keeping us on time and letting us know where bathroom breaks would be.   Sailing under trees and the beauty of the glowing monuments was so pretty and serene.  Perfect for mobility issues or just getting to "see it all" with young kids at the end of a long day without sitting in crazy spring break traffic.  Read took us back up the street and dropped us off at a Metro station, which was so nice at the end of a long day.  I didn't take pictures of the pedicab, but I took a video of my son's face when we coasted down a hill, pure joy.   The kids asked to go back and do it again in the fall.  

    Another thing- people as we drove by looked ENVIOUS.  Everyone who pointed it out said, "that's such a good idea!" or "Oh, wow, my feet would love that."  We didn't see another pedicab the entire tour.   I think it was absolutely worth it to stay in the ambiance of the evening, much better than taking a bus!

    thumb Suzanne S.

      From start to finish, Robert was a gem.  I traveled to DC with my two elderly parents, who have mobility issues, so pedi-cab was a logical choice for them to see the monuments and sights of DC.  Robert called and texted a confirmation.  At the last minute, we had an addition to our group.  He arranged a second pedi-cab for us with two-days notice.  It looked like rain, and I was worried but these seasoned tour guides were prepared with canopies and covers, so we didn't miss out.  Alex and Robert were knowledgeable and professional. There were some route closures because of Memorial Day festivities, so the tour ran a little long.  Robert and Alex both said there would be no additional charge!  If you want a wonderful, up-close tour book with the Nonpartisan Pedicab!  Excellent service from start to finish.  Thanks Robert and Alex, you made our visit feel special and personalized.  I'll recommend you to everyone.

    thumb Vicki S.

      Loved our tour with Alex! My husband and daughter and I got the full memorial tour including the bikers that showed up for Rolling Thunder. He maneuvered all the traffic and motorcycles with ease. The BEST way to see the sights.  He arrived 5 minutes early just as we walked out of the parking garage and off we went. I would highly recommend this is the ONLY way to see the city without the crowds of the on/off busses and shuttles. Saved our feet tons of steps too. Thanks again for the BEST TOUR EVER!

    thumb Vicki M.

      What a fantastic way to see the sights. Robert is friendly, extremely knowlegable, funny and flexible.  Check out his reviews on Trip Advisor as well.  Highly recommended !!!

    thumb Laurel R.

      There's a reason why everyone here has given Rob a 5 star review.  He's fantastic!  He picked us up from our restaurant downtown and took us on a personalized tour of D.C. at night.  He is very knowledgeable and attentive.  We work in D.C, but saw the city through a whole new lens thanks to Rob.  I recommend him to anyone looking for a fun, customized tour of the monuments.

    thumb Lindsey F.

      My husband, two boys (ages 12 & 8), and I visited DC in July and could not have found a better way to see DC.  Robert was a fantastic tour guide- all while peddling us through the DC streets!  He kept my boys attention for 2.5 hours and we learned so many interesting facts about the monuments.  If you want a novel way to see the DC sites- this is the way to go!!

    thumb Lisa S.

      Take this tour! My wife and I were in Washington DC and decided to give the Nonpartisian Pedicab a try. We had a BLAST! Robert was very knowledgeable and had many insights about the numerous sights in DC. The pace was perfect. He would stop and tell us the history of the places we were seeing without rushing by like you would on a bus. Plus the fact it was only the two of us on the tour, made for a very personalized experience. We even had some rain. Once again, Robert was ready. He pulled up the canopy and gave us a nice warm blanket and we were warm and dry.
    It was undoubtedly the highlight of our trip.
    Matt and Beth

    thumb Matt O.

      We had a great night time pedicab tour of the national monuments with Steph on our first trip to DC as a family. Although we had come to visit the monuments at various times in the past, with limited time, the pedicab tour was the way to go to fit in both the monuments and other sites in DC. Also, having a fully guided tour made the visit more educational as Steph was able to provide us insights about the various sites that we might not otherwise have come across. Plus, she was a hit with the kids, which was a huge plus.

    thumb Jenny C.
  •   The Nonpartisan Pedicab tour is a perfect way to experience all the major attractions of D.C. in an efficient and enjoyable way. The booking process was easy, and the owner (Robert) worked with us to customize a tour based on what we were most interested in seeing. Robert personally led our tour, and in addition to being friendly and accommodating, he was also a wealth of knowledge about the city and its buildings/monuments. The tour affords plenty of opportunities to stop for a closer look and take pictures. I highly recommend NP!

    thumb Jack W.

      We decided to take a pedicab tour after my mother was injured right before our trip, leaving her unable to walk any significant distance. The fellow at Nonpartisan Pedicab Tours made sure to arrange a tour guide that could accommodate her collapsible wheelchair. Our tour guide, Read, was so friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic! We felt safe the entire ride, and saw at least five times what we would have if left to our own devices. We were able to get out and explore where we wanted to, and were able to take our time getting my mother in and out of the cab. It was a thousand times better than the bus tours. I would recommend this company to anyone wanting to see the monuments by day, sunset, and night!

    thumb Emily Q.

      I scheduled this tour at the beginning of our trip to DC. It was a perfect way to start out. Alex couldn't have given us a better tour.  He made the tour exciting, interesting and educational. Not only did he give us a fantastic tour, he help me plan the rest of our trip in DC. I highly recommend these guys!

    thumb Edi E.

      We wanted to do a nighttime tour of the DC monuments and decided we would enjoy a more "personal" tour that was only two hours long (opposed to the many standard tours that are three hours long).  We booked this on the SAME DAY which was great!  I left a voice message in the morning and got an immediate reply after to set up the details.   We were told "Stephanie" would be our guide and she would pick us up at the agreed to location.   She was right on time, super friendly, and very knowledgeable about the sites!  I docked one star due to the fact that it was super hard to hear her at times (as she often had to face forward away from us so she could see where she was going - thank goodness! - and there was traffic around us at times).  We loved being able to jump off and get some good photo ops and then jump right back on to continue the tour.  She took us home right back to the front of our hotel at the end! Bonus!  

    My one recommendation would be is to have the guides where a small mic attached to a small speaker (or something along those lines) so you can really enjoy their commentary.

    thumb christine r.

      Non-Partisan Pedicab provided us with an excellent,  fun tour of Washington monuments! Several of us were in wheelchairs, which was not a problem. Robert & Bob gave us facts and anecdotes, and personalized our tour to give us exactly what we wanted. I highly recommend!!

    thumb Bonnie J.

      Do yourself a favor and book right now!
    Robert is AMAZING! We had tired feet and wanted to see the monuments. This tour is worth every penny. He is very knowledgeable and this was such a pleasant experience. We were able to see everything in a few short hours.

    thumb Blair H.

      Our scheduled tour was a rainy chilly spring night. Robert offered to take us in a rain cover with blankets or to reschedule for the next night which had a far more favorable weather forecast. Our schedule was flexible so we much appreciated the ability to go out in nicer weather. He picked us up at Carmine's after our dinner and dropped us off at our hotel at the end of our tour. Having the pedicab meet us where we were and drop us where we were staying was a real time saver and took the stress out of getting to and from the tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable of each of the monuments and answered several of my teenage children's questions. In fact he was so friendly the conversation was effortless and even went off topic a few times, but he was able to reel them back in to the next monument. We enjoyed the relaxed pace of the tour and that we were able to get out and take pictures and look around at our own pace, and not have to wait around on the next trolly or bus. He even took pictures of us on the pedicab which was a nice keepsake. This is the first trip we have actually made it to all the monuments around the national mall in one trip, bonus we weren't exhausted at the end!

    thumb Hatta H.

      BEST TOUR IN DC!!!  A little pricey, but WORTH EVERY  PENNY! There were 3 of us ladies including my Mom who  was using a walker.  We were concerned about the walking she would have to do from tour bus stops to get up to the monuments.  So, based on yelp reviews, we decided to splurge on a pedicab.  BEST decision of our trip.  We were hesitant when he pulled up because it was a very tight squeeze but it wasn't long between stops so that worked out fine.  He popped Mom's walker up on the pedicab and off we went.  He took it off and on at every stop! We were concerned for Robert when we went uphill and offered for a couple of us to get out and walk but Robert wouldn't have it!   Not only did he save us SOOO much walking by getting right up to the entrance of each stop,  he told us so much more than the big tours.  I have a picture of him holding up the back of a ten dollar bill In front of the US Treasury on the bill.  He pulled out pictures of many of the monuments under construction or of the buildings they were designed after.  So much extra information!  We took the trolley tour later to get to different stops to visit them and no one gave as good a tour of the monuments as Robert.  Can not recommend this highly enough!  Robert, the Mom, daughter and daughter in law from Texas say EXCELLENT JOB!

    thumb Ann S.

      We took the Monuments and Memorials tour and loved it.  It was one of the highlights of our trip.  Robert and Tom were both excellent - friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable.  Robert even brought along some historical photos!  We learned a lot about everything we saw, and it made visiting the monuments far more meaningful than if we had seen them on our own.  The tour also allowed us to see more than we ever could have on foot with our family group, which included my mom and our 2 kids.  I think a pedicab tour is one of the best ways to see DC, and you can't get a better tour than Robert's.  Highly recommended!

    thumb Jennifer M.

      This tour was one of the highlights of our trip.  We had one day in DC and were trying to make the most of it and see as much as possible.  We read the reviews for Non-Partisan Pedicab and decided to book a morning tour.  Robert was awesome!  His knowledge of DC and it's history is simply unparalleled.  We had a fantastic time!  Also, he knew that we would be celebrating our anniversary the day of the tour, and he took the time to email me several suggestions of places to go for a nice dinner later in the day.  Exceptional customer service and a wonderful experience.  I highly recommend!

    thumb Sherry G.