Senior Tours

Washington DC Tours for Seniors

Washington DC Tour for Seniors

Private Washington DC tours for seniors is what makes Nonpartisan Pedicab tick. A pedicab is the best way to see all the sights. You can start on your own schedule and go at your own pace. See all the memorials in 2 – 4 hours with a personalized tour and a private tour guide. The pedicab always provides a 360 degree view. Every seat is a window seat. Go in comfort and and style with a shady canopy to keep the sun off. Interact one-on-one with your guide.

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How Can Seniors Visit the National Mall?

Elderly Tour National Mall

How can seniors visit the National Mall? The biggest problem for seniors wishing to visit the National Mall in Washington DC is transportation. Let us solve that problem for you with a private tour. You will see everything up close and with very little walking.

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