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Jefferson Memorial Handicap Parking

Jefferson Memorial Handicap Parking

Jefferson Memorial Handicap Parking

There are a few handicap spots on East Basin Drive.  Drive by the Jefferson Memorial just beyond the food kiosk and the bus stop and you will see several spots.  This is as close as motor vehicles can come to the Jefferson Memorial.  For those with severe walking disabilities, this may prove to be a little far.  Furthermore, there are frequently cars and buses illegally parked in these spots.

If you are together with an abled driver, there is a general parking lot for the Jefferson Memorial in case all the handicap spots are full.  The driver should continue forward and bear to the left once you get to a small stone bridge.  This will take you underneath the 14th Street bridge and immediately to a series of parking areas by the Potomac River.

On-street parking on the National Mall is no longer free of charge.  Three hour parking is available at $2 per hour.  Parking meters only accept credit cards.

Handicap Access into the Jefferson Memorial

From the food kiosk, you should enter to the left side of the Jefferson Memorial.  As you head up and around, there is a ramp that will take you through a doorway underneath the Memorial.  There are bathrooms there and also an elevator to take you right up into the inner chamber with the Jefferson Statue and all the columns.




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Wheelchair Availability at the Jefferson Memorial

There is a National Park Service information kiosk underneath the Jefferson Memorial.  Here, they will lend you a free folding wheelchair for use around the Jefferson Memorial.  All you need is an ID. Unfortunately, by the time you get there from the parking area, you have already come most of the distance. But, if you are with an abled person, that person could run up and get the wheelchair and take it back to the street to come and get you.


Don’t Drive! — Take a Pedicab Tour including the Jefferson Memorial

Rather than deal with hassle of driving, why not let Nonpartisan Pedicab take you for a private tour of the monuments instead?  In only 2-3 hours, you can see all of the major monuments and have time to stop and walk into all of them.  We give you a narrated tour of the history of the monuments and buildings and how they relate to US history, as well as to the history of the city of Washington DC. If you find walking difficult, a pedicab is the easiest way to see all the monuments — and the most comfortable.  Call Nonpartisan Pedicab at 7032319882.  Or reserve online directly.



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