Handicap Accessible Tours of Washington DC


Handicap Tour of Washington DC

A Nonpartisan Pedicab Tour is the Perfect Way to Access All the Monuments


Disabled access tours in DC are hard to come by. Usually, these require you to have a motorized scooter or else to board a large bus with a platform elevator. A tour by pedicab allows you to go at your own pace and on your own schedule.


  Go at your own pace and leave on your own schedule
  Free pick up from any downtown location
✅  Get dropped off at any DC location at the conclusion of your tour
✅  See what you want to see — all tours are customized to you


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⭐   It is very easy for disabled or elderly passengers to get in and out of a pedicab. The pedicab can get right to the curb, and there is a step platform and a handrail for the passenger to get in.  


⭐  Pedicabs can get to all the monuments and wait for you right there as you go in and explore. The double decker bus tour does NOT stop at all the monuments. They stop further away and make you walk further to see them.  


⭐  No waiting for the bus. When you have finished seeing any of the monuments, your pedicab is waiting for you right there to take you to your next destination. It takes only 2-3 hours to visit all the monuments by pedicab. On the bus tour, you will take all day to see the same thing since you must walk to and find the correct bus stop and wait for the bus.  


⭐  No stairs — really easy to get in and out of a pedicab. Compare this to the access problems on a large double decker tour bus.  


⭐  A pedicab can accommodate a folding wheelchair, oxygen tanks, and any other necessary equipment. The only thing that we cannot accommodate are motorized scooters or very large wheelchairs.  


⭐  A pedicab has a shady canopy to keep the hot sun off you.   


⭐  Every seat is a window seat!  


⭐  Your pedicab chauffeur is your personal tour guide. He talks and interacts directly with you on a one to one basis. It is easy to hear your personal tour guide. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like. Compare this to the loudspeaker system on a large double decker tour bus.  



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One Of Our All Time Favorite Tours

My wife is disabled and can only walk short distances and uses either a scooter or wheelchair to get around so finding a tour that can accommodate her is very difficult … If you know of anyone who has mobility issues, this is the tour to take. Even is you’re able bodied, this tour is superior to anything else you can go on.”

Michael W, March 2017


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