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Sightseeing Tour in Washington DC

A Pedicab Tour — Washington DC Sightseeing Made Simple

Everyone wants to walk around the all the monuments on the National Mall.  But, a full loop of walking around the national monuments is 5-6 miles.  You can do it, but it is likely to be tiring and difficult.  But, you do have an alternative to walking.  How about trying a Nonpartisan Pedicab private tour of the monuments — Washington DC Sightseeing made simple!  In only 2-3 hours, you can see all of the major monuments at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Which Monuments Will I See?

There are 10 major sites to see on your tour.  At each, you will be free to walk in to take pictures and explore:

✅ Lincoln Memorial

✅ Jefferson Memorial

✅ MLK Memorial

✅ FDR Memorial

✅ Washington Monument

✅ WWII Memorial

✅ Vietnam War Memorial

✅ Korean War Memorial

✅ White House

✅ Albert Einstein Memorial

✅ & Much, Much More!

You will be chauffeured by your personal tour guide.  A fun and fact filled description of each of the monuments and how they fit in with American history.

Washington DC sightseeing

Why Choose a Nonpartisan Pedicab Tour over a Segway Tour?


✅  On a pedicab tour, you will visit all the monuments in 2-3 hours.  

  On a Segway tour, you will not visit all the monuments


✅  On a pedicab tour, you will have shade.  

✘  On a Segway tour you will not.


✅  On a pedicab tour, you will have your own private tour guide to interact with.  

✘  On a Segway tour, you will be in a group setting and have only limited personal interaction with your guide.


✅  On a pedicab tour, we pick you up from any downtown location.  

✘  On a Segway tour, you must go to their office and finish at their office.


✅  On a pedicab tour, you start at the time you want and go at your own pace.  

✘  On a Segway tour, you will go at the guide’s pace and stay on the company schedule.


✅  On a pedicab tour, you will be seated during your tour.  

✘  On a Segway tour, you will be on your feet the whole time.


✅  A pedicab tour is the perfect choice if you are not very mobile.  

✘  A Segway tour is not possible for anyone with mobility issues.


Best way to See DC

Best Way to Sightsee in Washington DC

Nonpartisan Pedicab Tours of Washington DC versus Bus Tours


✅  Custom, Personal Tour — Enjoy the sights at your own pace!

✅  Friendly tour guide converses with you

Waits for you right out front of all monuments

✅  Always goes exactly where you want it to go

✅  Picks up and drops you off at any downtown location

✅  Tour guide recommends restaurants & attractions tailored to you

✅  Easily accessible to elderly and handicapped people

✅  Stroller and folding wheelchair friendly

See all the monuments in 1.5 – 2.5 hours

✅  Minimal walking

Full 360 degree view for all passengers


Private Tours of Washington DC



✘  Guide uses loudspeaker. No personal interaction with customers.

✘  Canned speech endlessly repeated to a crowd of people

✘  You must search for bus stands and wait for bus

✘  You must follow the fixed route and schedule

✘  Set route — you must get to and from the bus

✘  No recommendations, nothing personal about it.

✘  Steep stairs to climb to go up to the open top

✘  No storage for wheelchairs or strollers. You’re out of luck.

✘  Spend all day long to see the same amount

✘  Lots of walking to find the bus stands

✘  View only from the side of bus you are sitting on


Best private tours of Washington DC

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