Washington DC Cherry Blossom Parade 2020

National Cherry Blossom Festival 2020

When is the Washington DC Cherry Blossom Parade 2020?

The Washington DC Cherry Blossom Parade 2020 will take place on Saturday, April 4, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

What is the National Cherry Blossom Parade route?

The National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade starts on Constitution Avenue at 7th Street NW and heads west on Constitution Avenue passing by the White House and ending at 17th Street NW.  

Where is the beset location to see the Washington DC Cherry Blossom Parade 2020?

You can stand anywhere along Constitution Avenue between 7th and 17th Streets NW on either side of the street to enjoy the parade.  Insider Tip: Go to the staging area to walk among the floats, marching bands and other parade participants.  This is often more fun than the parade itself.  The staging area is on the 7th Street on the National Mall between Madison Drive and Jefferson Drive.

Does it cost money to see the Washington DC Cherry Blossom Parade 2020?

No, the parade is free to watch.  The National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade tickets are available for limited grandstand seating along the route.  These cost about $20-$27.

Where can I find more information about the National Cherry Blossom Festival 2020?

All your questions can be answered at National Cherry Blossom Festival 2020 FAQs.


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Are there any restrooms near the Cherry Blossom Parade Route?

The Washington DC Cherry Blossom Parade 2020 passes by the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and the Smithsonian American History Museum.  Each of these museums has bathrooms right inside.  But, you may have to stand on a security line to get into the museums.  Along the parade route, portable toilets are set up just off of Constitution Avenue on the National Mall west of 15th Street.  There are also portable toilets set up in the parade staging grounds on the National Mall near 7th Street. The Washington Monument lodge on 15th Street has free public toilets, and the WWII Memorial on 17th Street does as well.  There are 35 bathrooms inside the White House, which is also along the parade route.  If you wish to access these bathrooms, all you need to do is win 270 electoral votes.

How early should I arrive to see the Washington DC Cherry Blossom Parade 2020?

If you want to view the parade staging grounds, try to arrive before 10:00 AM.  If you are going to stand in the vicinity of the White House between 15th and 17th Streets, then you can arrive a little late at perhaps 10:15 AM.  Remember, if you don’t feel you need to see the entire parade, you can come at any time between 10:00 AM and 12:00 noon and walk over to Constitution Avenue.

How can I get to the Washington DC Cherry Blossom Parade 2020?

The best idea is to come downtown on the Metro.  The nearest Metro stations are Federal Triangle and Smithsonian Metro stations on the orange/blue/silver lines, the Navy Memorial/Archives station on the yellow/green lines, or the Gallery Place/Chinatown station on the red line (which is slightly further away).

Washington DC Cherry Blossoms

Where are the cherry blossom trees?

The most well known spot to see the Cherry Blossoms is around the Tidal Basin.  There are several monuments in this area, most notably the Jefferson Memorial, the FDR Memorial, the MLK Memorial and the WWII Memorial.  You can also find many trees on the grounds of the Washington Monument, the White House and the US Capitol.

Can I get a private tour of the cherry blossoms?

Of course.  Nonpartisan Pedicab offers a perfect Cherry Blossom Tour, which will allow you to start on your own schedule and go at your own pace.

When will the cherry trees come into full bloom in 2020?

This is always very difficult to predict.  However, the National Park Service Bloom Watch is probably your best bet for a prediction.  Bear in mind, that this is constantly being updated, even in the month of March, and the predictions made even in early to mid March are frequently wrong.

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