Private Tours for Handicapped Visitors to Washington DC

Private Tour for Handicapped Visitors to Washington DC

Anyone looking for private tours for handicapped visitors to Washington DC is going to find a lack of suitable options.  Now, handicapped visitors to the nation’s capital have the perfect solution in Nonpartisan Pedicab.

Advantages of taking a private tour with Nonpartisan Pedicab

Free pick up from any downtown location. 

  • Are other tour operators requiring you to go to their company location to meet them?  Nonpartisan Pedicab will go to you.  We can pick you up from any downtown location of your choosing.  At the end of your tour, we will drop you off again at your next destination.
  • Hotels, restaurants, museums, parking garages, etc.  We will meet you and drop you off again at the location most convenient for you.
  • We are very flexible if you need to change the pickup location even at the last minute.


Getting in and out of the pedicab is easy for those with handicaps

  • The pedicab can get right up to the curb without the gap that is common when getting into a motor vehicle.
  • There is a foot step and a handrail that makes it easy to get in and out of the pedicab .
  • Your personal tour guide is always ready to assist you physically to get in and out of the pedicab during your tour.


Looking for the Best Tours of Washington DC?

Best tours of Washington DC

Looking to take in the monuments, museums, the White House and the US Capitol?


Get closer to all the monuments

  • Every monument and memorial has a dedicated pedicab stand that is as close as possible to each memorial.
  • Buses and private cars must drop off and wait for you further away.
  • Less walking is required to gain access to each memorial
  • We will always be waiting for you in the nearest location. A bus tour will require you to locate the next pickup stand and wait for the bus to arrive

We can accept folding wheelchairs, oxygen tanks and other equipment used for private tours for handicapped visitors to Washington DC.

  • If you have a travel wheelchair that folds, you can take it with you.
  • You will be more comfortable if it is a smaller travel model
  • If you don’t have your own wheelchair, we can usually get one from the ranger station at no cost for you to use at each monument.
  • We are happy to push you into each monument while you are seated in a wheelchair

A Nonpartisan Pedicab private tour gives you the best views of the city right from where you are seated

  • You always have a 360 degree view during your entire tour
  • You can always stop at any location for a photo without ever getting out of the pedicab. In fact, we know all the best locations for the perfect photo.
  • The pedicab is equipped with a canopy to keep the sun off you.  The canopy will also prevent you from getting wet in case of  rain.

Your private tour guide is for you alone

  • Feel free to ask as many questions as you like
  • Converse one-on-one with your tour guide about US history, DC history, architecture, things to do in Washington DC, restaurant recommendations, etc.
  • Compare this to trying to listen to a canned tour over a loud speaker that is commonly found on bus tours

Private Tours are Customized for Our Handicapped Visitors

  • We start on your schedule and go at your pace.
  • We make stops at all the monuments and other locations that you want to see
  • We can skip locations that may be of less interest to you.
  • We can stop for bathroom breaks or snacks at any time.
  • You will never be rushed to finish your tour.


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