Smithsonian Opening Hours

Smithsonian Opening Hours



Smithsonian Opening Hours

The Smithsonian Institution has 15 museums in Washington, DC.  Of these, 9 are located on the National Mall.  The Smithsonian opening hours vary according to each museum.  All of the Smithsonian museums are open every day of the year except Christmas.  Entry to the Smithsonian museums is always free. Until May 30, 2022, some of the Smithsonian museums stay closed for one weekday each week. After May 30, 2022, they will all be open daily.

Smithsonian Castle Opening Hours

The Smithsonian Castle is not a museum per se.  Inside you will find the information center for the Smithsonian Institution.  You will also find a cafeteria, a gift shop, restrooms and a few sample exhibits.  Opening hours 8:30-5:30




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Smithsonian Natural History Museum Opening Hours

Standard operating hours are from 10:00AM – 5:30PM. It is yet to be announced it the Smithsonian will have extended summer operating hours in 2022.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Opening Hours

Typically, the Air and Space museum is open from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Some years they have extended opening hours during the summer months. In 2022, the Air and Space Museum is closed for renovation. Scheduled reopening is in Fall, 2022.

Smithsonian American History Museum Opening Hours

Standard operating hours are from 10:00AM – 5:30PM.  In 2022, it is yet to be seen if the American History Museum will have any extended hours during the summer.


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Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian Opening Hours

10:00AM – 5:30 PM daily. 

Smithsonian African American History and Culture Museum Opening Hours

10:00 to 5:30 daily. Advance reservations for entry to the African American History Museum are required. Additionally, some day day passes are given out at 8:15 AM sharp. You must be ready to click on the website at exactly 8:15 AM if you hope to get one of these.

Sackler Gallery Opening Hours

10:00AM – 5:30 PM daily

Freer Gallery Opening Hours

10:00AM – 5:30 PM daily



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African Art Museum Opening Hours

10:00AM – 5:30 PM daily

Hirshhorn Gallery

10:00AM – 5:30 PM daily

Portrait Gallery and American Art Museum

11:30AM – 7:00PM daily

Postal Museum Opening Hours

10:00AM – 5:30 PM daily

Anacostia Community Museum Opening Hours

10:00AM-5:00PM daily

Renwick Gallery Opening Hours

10:00 AM – 5:30 PM daily


Smithsonian National Zoo

The National Zoo is open daily from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Free daily passes to the National Zoo are available.


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National Gallery of Art Opening Hours

The National Gallery of Art is a separate institution from the Smtihsonian Institution.  However, both the West Building and East Building are always free.  Opening Hours are from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM daily.  The East Building is temporarily closed for renovations until June, 2022.

Fees at the Smithsonian Museum

Entry is always free.  Some of the museums have IMAX movies for which there is an additional charge.  Many of the museums have a gift shop and/or cafe.

Restrooms at the Smithsonian Museums

Of course, every museum has a restroom.  If you are looking for a restroom on the National Mall, just go into one of the free museums.


Handicapped Facilities at the Smithsonian Museums

Every Smithsonian Museum is handicapped accessible.  Many of them have handicapped parking near the entrance to the museum.  However, not every entrance to every museum is handicapped accessible.  In many cases, there are two entrances to a museum, and only one of those will be handicapped accessible. Each museum should have wheelchairs available for use by visitors.


Tours to the Smithsonian Museums

One of the best ways to see the National Mall is to visit it as part of a tour.  Nonpartisan Pedicab offers tours of the National Mall and memorials that take approximately 2-3 hours.  Many guests say that this is the highlight of their trip to Washington DC.

Parking at the Smithsonian Museums

There is metered 3 hour parking on Madison and Jefferson Drives that pass in front of many of the museums on the National Mall.  Make sure you read the signs, as not every parking spot on these two streets are available for the general public.  There is also parking on some of the cross streets, such as 3rd, 4th, 7th and 14th Streets.  On 7th and 14th, this is non-rush hour parking.  Read the signs if you do not want to be ticketed.

On-street parking on the National Mall is no longer free of charge.  Three hour parking is available at $2 per hour.  Parking meters only accept credit cards.


More information

You can visit the Smithsonian website for more information.


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Washington DC has some of the most amazing monuments and memorials that you will find anywhere in the world.  Visiting the monuments on your own requires a great deal of walking and a lot of time. Your best option to see all the memorials in only 2-4 hours is to take a private tour of the monuments with Nonpartisan Pedicab.

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