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Disabled Access Tours of Washington DC

Handicapped Access Tours of Washington DC

The National Mall is Accessible by Pedicab

Disabled access to all the memorials on the National Mall has never been easier.












Best Tours in DC!


Disabled access tours of Washington DC are hard to come by.  Usually, these require you to have a motorized scooter or else to board a large bus with a platform elevator.  A tour by pedicab allows you to go at your own pace and on your own schedule.


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Best Tours of Washington DC


Here are some of the major memorials that we will visit on our DC Monuments and Memorials Tour


✅  Lincoln Memorial

✅  Jefferson Memorial

✅  Washington Monument

✅  White House

✅  FDR Memorial

✅  MLK Memorial

✅  Vietnam War Memorial

✅  Korean War Memorial

✅  WWII Memorial

✅  & Much, Much More


Much, Much more means that we will also get a thorough overview of the public buildings, statues, and many smaller monuments that we pass along the way with a narrative history of everything we are seeing.


For more disability and accessibility information about Washington DC, click here.



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